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BD1459: Techniques to enhance the establishment and persistence of poor-performing species in grassland restoration (RP00199)

The aims of this project were to identify the constraints on the survival of poor-performing, specialist species for a wide range of UK grassland types; and develop and test practical management prescriptions to enhance the establishment of these species under the agri-environment schemes. Defra funded project BD1459.

Project details

Start date2007-04-01
End date2012-03-31

Project outputs

This project produced the following outputs:

Final report and summaryDefra publication

Closing statement

The results from this study will help to inform the refinement of current guidelines and scheme development and should contribute to achieving national biodiversity targets. The main findings were:

  • bare ground sowing promoted species establishment.
  • the management at site level scale should not be overly prescriptive and should allow for adaptation.
  • longer term study is needed to fully understand the species and the vegetation response.