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Regional MCZ Projects’ Impact Assessment materials: Summary; Title page; Evidence Base; Annex A - Abbreviations and Acronyms (MCZ007)

This record includes the IA Summary (written in the template supplied by BIS – the Department for Business, Innnovation and Skills); Title Page, Acknowledgements and Contents; the Evidence Base; and Annex A – Abbreviations and Acronyms.
Citation: Finding Sanctuary, Irish Seas Conservation Zones, Net Gain and Balanced Seas. 2012. Impact Assessment materials in support of the Regional Marine Conservation Zone Projects’ Recommendations.

Downloads available for this record

File Uploaded
Regional MCZ Projects IA - Evidence base - v1.1, PDF, 772.1 kB 2012/08/23
Regional MCZ Projects IA - title page, acknowledgements and contents, PDF, 154.8 kB 2012/08/13
Regional MCZ Projects IA - Summary, PDF, 211.1 kB 2012/07/16
Regional MCZ Projects IA - Annex A Abbreviations and Acronyms, PDF, 113.3 kB 2012/07/16

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