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Regional MCZ project final report: Irish Sea Conservation Zones (MCZ003)

These are the final recommendations for Marine Conservation Zones (MCZ) developed by the Irish Sea Conservation Zones Regional Stakeholder Group (RSG) and submitted to Natural England, the Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC) and the Science Advisory Panel (SAP) in September 2011. The Irish Seas Conservation Zones web site has been archived and can be seen in The National Archives .

Downloads available for this record

File Uploaded
ISCZ-pMCZ-FINAL Summary, PDF, 2.8 MB 2012/07/02
ISCZ-pMCZ-FINAL Recommendations-Annexxes, PDF, 2.4 MB 2012/07/02
ISCZ-pMCZ-FINAL Recommendations, PDF, 1.9 MB 2012/07/02
ISCZ-pMCZ-FINAL Recommendations Pt.3.1, PDF, 4.8 MB 2012/07/02
ISCZ-pMCZ-FINAL Recommendations Pt.3.2, PDF, 4.1 MB 2012/07/02
ISCZ-pMCZ-1-VA-FINAL, XLS, 69.6 kB 2012/07/02
ISCZ-pMCZ-2&3-VA-FINAL, XLS, 240.1 kB 2012/07/02
ISCZ-pMCZ-4&5-VA-FINAL, XLS, 161.3 kB 2012/07/02
ISCZ-pMCZ-6&7-VA-FINAL, XLS, 117.2 kB 2012/07/02
ISCZ-pMCZ-8-VA-FINAL, XLS, 58.4 kB 2012/07/02
ISCZ-pMCZ-10-VA-FINAL, XLS, 96.8 kB 2012/07/02
ISCZ-pMCZ-11-VA-FINAL, XLS, 249.9 kB 2012/07/02
ISCZ-pMCZ-13&14-VA-FINAL, XLS, 102.9 kB 2012/07/02