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Access to Evidence

This catalogue provides access to evidence used by Natural England. It shows how we work and the information we use to reach the decisions we make and inform the advice we give. This includes details about the studies we, and our founding organisations commissioned, as well as site-specific information, for example National Nature Reserve visitor leaflets.

Other Natural England publications, such as guidance, consultations, forms, and corporate reports, as well as maps and geographic data, are available from GOV.UK.

Accessibility Statement

We want as many people as possible to be able to use this website and we are looking into how we can make it more accessible. For me information, please refer to our Accessibility statement for the Natural England Access to Evidence Catalogue website.

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Recently published records

The following records were recently published by Natural England: Subscribe to our RSS feed

Title Code Published
NECR512 Consideration of avoidance behaviour of northern gannet (Morus bassanus) in collision risk modelling for offshore wind farm impact assessments NECR512 2023/09/25
Nature Returns Programme 2023/09/21
NECR490 Agricultural Ponds Review TEP Report NECR490 2023/09/13
JP054 Marine Restoration Potential MaRePo JP054 2023/09/12
JP051 Nature based education in the 21st century JP051 2023/09/08
Biodiversity Net Gain: Policy Evaluation Plan for 2023/2025 NECR502 2023/09/07
NECR500 People and Nature Survey Analysis 2023 NECR500 2023/09/07
NECR485 Edition 1 Biodiversity targets and whole biodiversity assemblage monitoring for SSSI NECR485 2023/08/31
NECR491 Comparison of manual filtration methods for on-site eDNA sample processing NECR491 2023/08/31
NECR477 Audit review and prioritisation for marine invasive non-native species biosecurity planning in England NECR477 2023/08/24
Defining Favourable Conservation Status in England EIN062 2023/08/14
NECR497 UK Barcode of Life: 2023 project update NECR497 2023/08/03
NECR469 Tilbury Fort Marshes Terrestrial Invertebrate Survey Report 2022 NECR469 2023/08/02
NECR472 North Thames Estuary and Marshes Breeding Birds report NECR472 2023/08/02
Discussion and recommendations on the future of protected areas in England under climate change NECR479 2023/08/01
NECR480 Development of dynamic biodiversity indicators of success for Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) NECR480 2023/08/01
NECR467 Ecologically connected network think piece NECR467 2023/08/01
TIN214 Monitoring in Natural England 2023-2026 TIN214 2023/08/01
NECR441 Creating a Protected Area Network for nature recovery in England NECR441 2023/08/01
Nutrient Neutrality Principles TIN186 2023/07/28