Stiperstones NNR - Field Vegetation Monitoring at The Stiperstones NNR August 2010 in Response to Liming in April 2006 and March 2010 (RP0678)

The report describes the second year of a monitoring programme to assess changes in the vegetation on four fields in areas of The Stiperstones NNR, in response to their liming in March 2010.

The random mini-quadrat monitoring of a large defined sampling area in three of the fields was repeated. The sampling of a fourth field in which strips had been limed in 2006, was also repeated by means of a stratified sample of 30 2 × 2 m quadrats, the method previously used in that field.

There have been few signs of any response in the vegetation to the 2010 liming, 5 months earlier.

Ref – Stiperstones /72.

Project details

Start date2010-08-01
End date2010-10-29

Closing statement

This is an unpublished report, which has been catalogued as part of the NNR Record Project. It can be made available on request.


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