Wistmans Wood NNR - Making the cut: conservation management in the regeneration of moorland, Longaford Tor. An in-depth study of the effects of grazing/cutting management, with reference to repercussions for community composition and landscape pattern. (RP1681)

This study evaluates the effects of cutting as a way to reduce Molinia caerulea and encouraging regrowth of Calluna vulgaris over three years in a moorland habitat. Grazier location and site patch dynamics were examined. Sites cut in 2011 showed most response. Although cutting increased species diversity, it did not allow re-introduction of Calluna within three years. Grazing by cattle and sheep decreased from 40% to 14% during the three years after treatment. Cattle were most successful at reducing the abundance of Molinia; however the data collected suggested overall reduction in Molinia cover was not large enough to reverse its dominance.

Project details

Start date2011-01-01
End date2012-12-01

Closing statement

This work has been catalogued as part of the NNR Record Project and the results can be made available on request.


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