Stiperstones NNR - Back to Purple: Conserving and Restoring The Stiperstones Ecological Monitoring of Restoration and Re-creation Sites 2002 (RP0676)

This project is working on heathland restoration at Black Rhadley and at The Hollies, and heathland re-creation at Gatten and Nipstone. The four principal work sites needed to be monitored regularly to assess the degree to which they meet their restoration/re-creation targets. The sites were surveyed in order to determine the spread and density of early plant colonisers. The interest lies primarily in heather and bilberry. The data obtained was used as a baseline for comparison with future surveys as well as a guide to the need for, and location of future management work.

Ref – Stiperstones /71

Project details

Start date2002-10-01
End date2002-10-25

Closing statement

This is an unpublished report, which has been catalogued as part of the NNR Record Project. It can be made available on request.


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