112 Rivers Lambourn & Kennet: Proposed targets for SAC and SSSI conservation objectives (based on revised Common Standards Guidance) and interim progress goals for uRBMP (RIVPDF112 Additional) (RIV112ADD)

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These documents summarise the decisions made by Natural England and the Environment Agency on the standards that need to be achieved for elements of environmental quality that support the achievement of objectives for the River Lambourne SAC and River Kennett SSSI. Specifically they provide additional information for flow and some water quality parameters, in order to meet the conservation objectives for these designated sites.

The documents include the proposed target values, and where appropriate, sets an ‘interim progress goal’ to be achieved by 2021. Where sufficient information is available the documents also identify a timescale for achievement of the longer-term target. The draft updated River Basin Management Plans (uRBMPs) will be used to consult the public about the locally proposed measures and targets. For further information please see the Part 2 of these plans.

These documents should also be read in conjunction with the relevant Natura 2000 Site Improvement Plan (SIP) related to this document, and the documnet that summarises the propsed targets for the River Lambourn SAC; see RIVPDF112 Moving towards common standards monitoring guidance targets for SAC rivers (Record of decisions)

For further information on SIPs see Natura 2000 Site Improvement Plans (SIP)

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Propsed targets for River Lambourne SAC (Standard PDF record of Decision), PDF, 73.9 KB 2014/09/19
Proposed targets and progress goals for River Lambourne SSSI & SAC, PDF, 167.4 KB 2014/09/19
Proposed targets and progress goals for River Kennet SSSI, PDF, 170.1 KB 2014/09/19

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