Growing Farmland Wildlife DVD (NEX19)

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Farmers keen to improve biodiversity on their farms can easily provide valuable habitats for farmland birds and butterflies by using Arable Options in Environmental Stewardship.

Natural England, together with Defra, Syngenta, RSPB and the Wildlife Farming Company, have produced a short information DVD entitled “Growing Farmland Wildlife” (running time = 31 minutes).

The DVD is aimed at advisers and farmers who already have an agreement, are planning to renew ELS an existing agreement or thinking of joining ES. It contains advice and guidance on how to get the most out of their wildlife habitats, such as choice of location, scale, seed mixture and rotation. The DVD will also help farmers who already have these options on their farms but need some extra guidance on making their existing options really deliver the feeding and overwintering habitats needed.
Further information
Copies are available, please call 07824478517

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