English Nature Habitat Restoration Project: Final report (ENRR377)

This report summerises the work of the Habitat Restoration Project from 1996 to 2000. The comments made and conclusions reached are based on the actual experience of the Project but would not necessarily be repeated in other places during other time frames. The views expressed here are not necessarily those of English Nature but will make a useful contribution to developing that view.

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ENRR377 part 5, PDF, 1.9 MB 2011/10/10
ENRR377 part 4, PDF, 1.9 MB 2011/10/10
ENRR377 part 3, PDF, 2.8 MB 2011/10/10
ENRR377 part 2, PDF, 2.7 MB 2011/10/10
ENRR377 part 1, PDF, 2.4 MB 2011/10/10