East Dartmoor NNR: Yarner Wood NNR, Bovey Valley Woodlands NNR, Trendlebere NNR Fixed Point Photography, Long Term Monitoring Project 1980-2011 (RP1375)

This is an ongoing long term monitoring project. All of the raw data, historic and present (ie photographs and grid references) are available as well as the methodology used for fixed point photography. This project covers East Dartmoor NNR, including Yarner Wood NNR, Bovey Valley Woodland NNR and Trendlebere NNR.

Project details

Start date1980-01-01
End date2011-12-31

Closing statement

This work has been catalogued as part of the NNR Record Project and the results can be made available on request.


This record relates to the location identified by the marker on the map: