LM0425: Assessing the Effect of Policy Interventions on Agricultural Landscapes (RP00631)

This contract will develop the underlying 'time series’ data for 18 landscape study areas (which are being used as survey areas in Defra Research and Development project BD5303) and provide a limited amount of interpretation, both quantitative and qualitative to enable us to consider how previous policy interventions, both agri-environment (Countryside Premium, Environmentally Sensitive Areas, Countryside Stewardship and Environmental stewardship) and land management, have influenced landscape change since 1945.

Project details

Start date2012-04-09
End date2015-01-13

Project outputs

This project produced the following outputs:

Final report and summaryDefra publication

Closing statement

This work will inform agricultural and agri-environment policy. It could also be used in assessing impacts of planning policies and for assessing potential landscape scale impacts for biodiversity and conservation actions. The outputs of the project should provide guidance for the evidence needs to assess landscape impacts of future agricultural and agri-environmental policies. Results included:

  • There is the potential to use remote sensing imagery to detect change in landscape features.
  • There may be existing historic environment imagery that in collaboration with partners could be located and used.