LM0432: Assessing the role of advice and support in the establishment of Higher Level Stewardship agreements (RP01570)

This project assessed the role of advice and support in establishing HLS agreements and what impact this had on the success of an agreement. It compliments RP01571, (LM0433) which assessed the role of advice and support on the management of agreements once they had been established.

Project details

Start date2013-08-25

Project outputs

This project produced the following outputs:

Final report, plus 2 updated research summary and summary reports for individual agreements.Defra publication

Closing statement

The findings indicate that access to information and adviser time is crucial to a good agreement. More complex agreements are more difficult to manage and are likely to have more problems. Follow up visits are needed to ensure success over the lifetime of the agreement.


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LM0433: Assessing the impact of continued advice and support on the environmental outcomes of HLS agreements once they have been established (RP01571)