Stiperstones NNR - Soil Survey and Investigation of The Stiperstones and The Hollies SSSI 1994 (RP0697)

Survey and investigation of the heathland soils and their nutrient status. Vegetation, geology, slope and aspect (geomorphology) are identified to establish a sound baseline for soil survey. Soil types are largely a result of underlying geology and are classified into 4 main unit types. Included is a soil map and areas that have specific problems are looked at in greater detailed. Ref – Stiperstones /85.

Project details

Start date1993-07-01
End date1994-01-28

Closing statement

This is an unpublished report, which has been catalogued as part of the NNR Record Project. It can be made available on request.


This record relates to the location identified by the marker on the map: