Black Tor Copse NNR: Fixed Point Photography. Long Term Monitoring Project (RP1380)

These are long term monitoring projects which involve creating a permament marker point at a fixed location and taking a photograph at each location once every 5 years at open heathland and grassland sites and once every 10 years at woodland sites (as woodland landscapes are less likely to change over time). The grid references of each fixed location are recorded so that the location of each photograph can then be identified. Long term changes in the landscape and habitat can then be monitored. This project covers Black Tor Copse and was last done in 2008.

Project details

Start date2008-01-01
End date2008-12-31

Closing statement

This work has been catalogued as part of the NNR Record Project and the results can be made available on request.


This record relates to the location identified by the marker on the map: