Wistman’s Wood NNR. Long-Term Regeneration Patterns and Conservation Status of a Remnant Old-Growth Oak Forest, September 2006 (RP1307)

The aim of this MSc study was to reveal the long-term pattern of regeneration and woodland expansion at Wistman’s Wood; to investigate the effects a 40 year old enclosure inside the woodland has had on its structure; and to uncover the ecological history and conservation status of the stand.

The study used the following methods: tree sampling; measuring tree crowding; tree age estimation; analysing the canopy structure for leaf area index and global site factor; and historical expansion.

Conclusions have been drawn regarding the regeneration of the wood, including the impact of grazing.

Project details

Start date2006-09-01
End date2006-09-30

Closing statement

This unpublished work has been catalogued as part of the NNR Record Project and can be made available on request.


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