West Penwith Habitat Surveys: Busvargus and Tregeseal Common (part) (survey area 11 (part) – 2022) (NERR121)

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Survey area 11 Busvargus and Tregeseal Common was originally surveyed in 2013 by Hewins Ecology (commissioned by Natural England). That survey covered an extent of some 40.25 ha but omitted a smaller but contiguous area around the properties at McLaren Villas, forming part of the same management/ecological unit. This smaller area was surveyed in 2022 and is the subject of this report.

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NERR121 Edition 1 West Penwith Habitat Surveys Busvargus and Tregeseal Common (part) (survey area 11 (part) – 2022), PDF, 1.2 MB 2022/07/28

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