The MCZ Advice Package fact sheets (MCZ023)

The series of fact sheets below have been developed to support the MCZ Advice Package submitted to Defra on 18th July 2012. For further information on the MCZ Advice package please visit either the JNCC website or the Natural England website.

Downloads available for this record

File Uploaded
The Marine Conservation Zone Impact Assessment, PDF, 43.1 KB 2013/04/17
The Marine Conservation Zone Project, PDF, 222.3 KB 2012/07/18
Marine Conservation Zones Time Line/Process, PDF, 119.1 KB 2012/07/18
A Stakeholder-led process – How were sea users and other interest groups involved in recommending Marine Conservation Zones, PDF, 248.3 KB 2012/07/18
Marine Conservation Zones – Conservation Objectives, PDF, 128.8 KB 2012/07/18
Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in the UK, PDF, 197.7 KB 2012/07/18
The differences between Natura 2000 and Marine Conservation Zones, PDF, 226.3 KB 2012/07/18