MENE Spatial Report (NE317)

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Since the Monitor of Engagement with the Natural Environment (MENE) survey began in 2009, we have collected spatial information to identify where people travel to and from. For the first time, we have sufficient spatial data to begin to use and publish this information.
The MENE Spatial Report is an exciting new development that allows us to visualise geographic analyses of the survey data. As such, the report showcases some of the ways the information can be used to discover the places people visit, how far they will travel and where the opportunities for enjoying the environment are in relation to where people live. As a result we now have a better understanding of people’s needs that will help us and others provide access in ways and places that will meet the needs of local groups and local people.

We know the scope for further investigation is huge, and this is something that can be extended even further by supplementing MENE with other sources of data or analyses. For that reason, Natural England welcomes wider interest or requests for MENE information from those wishing to conduct their own studies. Please contact us at,uk
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