'State of' reports

Reports about state of the natural environment, maritime etc

Benefits of the natural environment

Includes services and benefits provided by ecosystems and their natural processes.

Biodiversity 2020

Publications relating to the strategy and the governance of arrangements of the strategy.

Celebrating agri-environment

To celebrate 25 years of agri-environment schemes, we showcase some of the environmental management being delivered by individual farms and the key statistics for each county.

Climate change

Climate change mitigation and adaptation.


Publications about the coast, coastal access, coastal habitats and flood defence.

Farming and land management

Publications about farming and land management.


Publications about rivers, streams, ditches, ponds and lakes etc


Publications relating to a secure environmental future.

Land use

Publications about land use and spatial planning.

Landscape, geodiversity and earth

Publications about landscape, geology, soils and features of historic interest.


Publications and products about the marine environment.


Publications reporting on monitoring and the integrated monitoring programme

Natural England

Publications and products about Natural England.

People and access

Enjoyment of the countryside and green spaces.

Protected areas

Publications about designated areas and other protected sites.

Renewable energy

Publications related to renewable energy

Reviews of evidence

Publications that review exising evidence including Natural England's Evidence Reviews and other literature reviews.


Publications related to species.

Terrestrial habitats

Publications and products about terrestrial habitats.


This is a test category.


Publications about transport.

Wildlife gardening

Publications about wildlife gardening.

Wildlife management and licensing

Wildlife management and licensing publications.