Records by series

Access to Evidence records by series.


Conference papers and workshop notes

Conference papers and workshop notes including presentations, papers and posters.

Conservation Advice for European Marine Sites

This series provides conservation advice packages and supporting documents for European Marine Sites within English waters and for cross-border sites.

Conservation Objectives for European Sites

Natural England advises on the Conservation Objectives for European Sites. These are needed to help public bodies comply with the law and to protect these special wildlife sites.

Conservation Objectives for Wetlands of International Importance ('Ramsar Sites')

Natural England provides advice about the Conservation Objectives of these protected wetland sites. These are needed to help public bodies comply with the law.

Defining Favourable Conservation Status

FCS definitions describe an England scale ambition for habitats and species. They provide context for decision making and actions to achieve and sustain thriving wildlife.

Evidence projects

Natural England's evidence projects.

General publications

Corporate publications, handbooks and general interest publications.

Handbooks available in hard copy

Natural England publications available in hard copy. See Additional information for details.

Joint publications

Collaborative documents published by Natural England or partner organisations jointly, or in association.

Management and restoration plans

Plans for habitat management, restoration and enhancement.

Maps and data

Maps and data held on this catalogue. For the full range of Natural England maps and data see the Publications, maps & data tab above.

Natural England Access to Evidence Notes

Notes to improve access to the evidence that Natural England generates and uses.

Natural England Commissioned Reports

Natural England commission reports from contractors to provide evidence and advice. The views in the reports are those of the authors, not necessarily those of Natural England.

Natural England Evidence Reviews

Reports produced by Natural England's evidence review work.

Natural England Information Notes

Information and guidance notes on scientific and technical issues, including practical advice to help our staff, partners and others implement work.

Natural England Research Reports

Research and monitoring reports written by Natural England staff

Pre Natural England Publications and Archived Guidance

Countryside Agency, English Nature and the Rural Development Service publications that are either still relevant to our work, or are of value for historic or research purposes.