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Records for this category

Title Code Published
A review of environmental benefits supplied by agri-environment schemes LUPG02 2008/08/15
Adapting agricultural policy to increased flood risk LUPG01 2009/05/14
Alternative allocation keys for EU CAP funding LUPG10 2010/12/01
Alternative payment approaches for non-economic farming systems delivering environmental public goods LUPG09 2011/05/02
An analysis of the potential effectiveness of a Payment-by-Results approach to the delivery of environmental public goods and services supplied by Agri-Environment Schemes (2008) LUPG021 2008/02/26
Conceptual models to guide Environmental land management policy LUPG014 2005/11/01
Delivering environmental services through agri-environment programmes: a scoping study LUPG08 2008/11/03
Developing a More Comprehensive Rationale for European Union Funding for the Environment (2011) LUPG023 2011/02/23
Developing a Territorial Approach for the Common Agricultural Policy (2011) LUPG022 2011/02/23
Environmental Priorities in UK Rural Development Programmes LUPG011 2005/05/31
Environmental integration and the CAP LUPG07 2001/12/03
Estimating the scale of future environmental land management requirements for the UK LUPG03 2009/12/01
European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) LUPG012 2005/08/01
Exploring the concept of sustainable intensification LUPG04 2013/01/31
Learning the lessons of the Greening of the CAP LUPG025 2016/05/23
Maximising the Provision of public goods from future agri-environment schemes LUPG018 2007/03/16
New Wildwoods in Britain: The potential for developing new landscape-scale native woodlands LUPG020 2002/06/03
Promotion of agroecological approaches: Lessons from other European countries LUPG026 2017/07/11
Retaining the Environmental Benefits of Set-Aside LUPG019 2007/03/02
Scoping the environmental implications of Pillar 1 reform 2014-2020 LUPG024 2016/01/26
The Environmental Contribution of Leader + in the UK LUPG013 2006/04/03
The Integration of Agricultural, Forestry and Biodiversity Conservation Policies with Flood Management in England and Wales LUPG015 2004/06/11
The Review of Area-based Less Favoured Area Payments Across EU Member States LUPG017 2003/05/01
The Review of Area-based Less Favoured Area Payments Across Great Britain LUPG016 2003/05/01
The potential implications of leaving the EU for UK agriculture and the rural environment LUPG027 2017/08/31
The role of agroecology in sustainable intensification LUPG05 2015/06/18
The role of pillar II in delivering environmental outcomes LUPG06 2007/09/03
Transitions to Agroecological Systems: Farmers’ Experience LUPG028 2018/04/06