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Title Code Published
Conservation status of the adder in Greater London ENRR666 2006/02/10
Costed plans and options for herpetofauna surveillance and monitoring ENRR663 2006/02/15
Grazing Heathland: a guide to impact assessment for insects and reptiles ENRR497 2003/01/01
Herptile sites Volume 2: National common reptile survey - Final report ENRR039 1993/01/01
Opportunities for amphibians and reptiles in the designed landscape ENS30 1997/01/01
Priority Natural Areas for mammals, reptiles and amphibians ENRR242 1997/05/01
Reptile mitigation guidelines TIN102 2011/09/09
Reptile survey methods: proceedings of a seminar held on 7 November 1995 at the Zoological Society of London's meeting rooms, Regent's Park, London ENS27 1996/01/01
Sand Lizard SRP. First Year 1994-95 ENRR134 1995/10/02
Sand Lizard Species Recovery Programme Project: Final Report ENRR288 1999/01/04
Status of the adder Vipera berus and slow-worm Anguis fragilis in England ENRR546 2004/02/23