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Title Code Published
Conservation and management of great crested newts: Proceedings of a symposium held on 11 January 1994 at Kew Gardens, Richmond, Surrey ENS20 1994/01/01
Conservation of invertebrates in England: a review and framework ENS35 2000/01/01
Dead wood matters: the ecology and conservation of saproxylic invertebrates in Britain: BES proceedings April 1992 ENS07 1992/05/01
Ecological responses to the 1987 Great Storm in the woods of south-east England: conference proceedings ENS23 1994/01/01
Habitat creation - a critical guide ENS21 1995/01/01
Human well-being, natural landscapes and wildlife in urban areas. A review ENS22 1994/01/01
Long-term studies in British woodland ENS34 2000/01/01
Lowland heathland: the extent of habitat change (1993) ENS12 1993/01/01
Marine nature conservation in England - challenge and prospects (1992) ENS05 1993/01/01
Opportunities for amphibians and reptiles in the designed landscape ENS30 1997/01/01
Rebuilding the English countryside: habitat fragmentation and wildlife corridors as issues in practical conservation ENS10 1995/01/01
Reptile survey methods: proceedings of a seminar held on 7 November 1995 at the Zoological Society of London's meeting rooms, Regent's Park, London ENS27 1996/01/01
Saline Lagoons and Lagoon-like Saline Ponds in England ENS29 1996/01/01
Scarce ground beetle project: 2000 to 2004 ENSRP1255 2005/02/02
Targets for coastal habitat re-creation ENS13 1993/01/01
The conservation management of arable field margins ENS18 1993/01/01
The conservation of bats in bridges project: a report on the 1996 survey and conservation of bat roosts in bridges in Cumbria SRP 1997/03/03
The ecology and status of Potamogeton acutifolius (sharp-leaved pondweed) in 2003 EIT340107 2003/11/10
The lowland heathland management booklet version 2.0 ENS11 1996/01/01
The lowland heathland management handbook ENS08 1992/01/01