Fungi and slime moulds

Publications about fungi and slime moulds.

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Title Code Published
BAP fungi handbook ENRR600 2005/05/17
Creolophus (= Hericium) cirrhatus, Hericium erinaceus and H. coralloides in England ENRR492 2003/05/02
Developing tools for assessing fungal interest in habitats 1: beech woodland saprotrophs ENRR597 2004/11/22
Population diversity and speciation in Hydnellum and Phellodon species ENRR557 2004/03/01
Preliminary ecological investigation of four wood-inhabiting fungi of conservation concern - oak polypore Piptoporus quercinus (=Buglossoporus pulvinus) and the tooth fungi Hericium/Creolophus spp ENRR616 2005/04/19
Report on hazel gloves Hypocreopsis rhododendri, a UK BAP ascomycete fungus (with reference to willow gloves H. lichenoides) ENRR541 2003/10/01
Report on the marsh honey fungus Armillaria ectypa, a UK BAP species ENRR540 2003/10/01
Report on the oak polypore Piptoporus quercinus (syn. Buglossoporus quercinus; B. pulvinus) ENRR458 2002/04/01
Stipitate hydnoid fungi in England: a desk survey. ENRR420 2001/10/01
Synonymy between Battarrea phalloides and B. stevenii ENRR625 2005/05/01
The endangered myxomycetes (slime moulds) of the British Isles ENRR466 2002/04/01
Waxcap-grasslands – an assessment of English sites ENRR555 2004/05/12